Moment that clicks


It was 6 years ago when Amyra and Amir, who had completely fallen for each other, decided to tie the knot. How that decision came along is a different story altogether but Amyra still vividly recalls the conversation they had just before the night they were about to get hitched.  As she was a fromContinue reading “SAFE HAVEN”


We, humans, have this beautiful character, to express our dissatisfaction or annoyance on almost anything and everything and we go by the word COMPLAINT. We even complain about the things we ourselves do.. like getting up late, doing a job which is different from our liking, eating unhealthy. So, Ruhi came across this old FBContinue reading “Zidd”

Sabji Mandi

Are you the kind of person who orders everything online or you still follow your mother’s footsteps and head out to sabji mandi for fresh vegetables? I do not judge people over it. In the modern world of convenience, it’s easier to get everything home delivered but hitting the streets on some days can beContinue reading “Sabji Mandi”

The 90’s Kids

After a lot of research, I finally came to know that millennials are “widely accepted as having been born between 1981 and 1996 and they are also called as GenY. Who says age is just a number? It’s a privilege to be tagged as a millennial. It makes you feel way younger. This lockdown hasContinue reading “The 90’s Kids”

That first drink !!

The best days of a boy’s life are spent in the hostel. That’s the place where a lot of firsts happen. First drink, first puff, first girlfriend and bonds of friendship stronger than CO (carbon monoxide). Rehan’s hostel days were his golden days as well. Along with dinosaurs, one more thing that is now extinctContinue reading “That first drink !!”

Bloody Good Period

Eira relied on her headphones and good internet connection as she headed for her evening walk after her two BFFs ditched her. She zeroed down on a random podcast listed on Spotify. It was a Women’s day special episode “The Habit Coach” with Ashdin Doctor. That amazing podcast during her brisk walk took her downContinue reading “Bloody Good Period”


Do you remember being more hungry when your mom asked you not to finish off a pack of biscuits?? Or when you pulled an all-nighter especially when you were asked to hit the sack by 9pm? Kids have a tendency to do the exact opposite of what is expected out of them and adults areContinue reading “Quarantine”

Unconditional Love

Humans are at the top of the evolutionary ladder but they have managed to forge a special relationship with some other animals who are somewhat below. Who doesn’t love animals or pets? Nowadays, it is a crime if you don’t address your pet appropriately. Strictly, you should call them by their names like Coco, Whiskey,Continue reading “Unconditional Love”

A to Z

The weekend is around the corner. I know the weekdays are often so hectic with office, tiffin or family, lunch boxes and gym that we often don’t get time to sit and relax. We often wait for weekends or holidays to be able to relax and do something that has been on our list forContinue reading “A to Z”


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