It was 6 years ago when Amyra and Amir, who had completely fallen for each other, decided to tie the knot. How that decision came along is a different story altogether but Amyra still vividly recalls the conversation they had just before the night they were about to get hitched. 

As she was a from a closely-knit family, the thought of leaving things and people behind to embrace a new family kept her wide awake at night. Amyra was scared as hell that her life was about to change forever the next day onward. She asked Amir, “Will life be the same after our wedding?” Amir smiled and assured her that there will be no change whatsoever. He assured her that “Till that day, it was his responsibility to keep her safe and protected as a friend and love of his life. However, the next day onwards, she will be his honour, the face of his family and she’ll be the one to carry the family’s name thereafter. She would be a part of his and his family’s identity in society. He quoted his mother – A family is known not by how much the man earns, but how much his wife is respected”.

After listening to him, Amyra was relieved and she drifted off to sleep like a baby. She had a memorable wedding. 

6 months later while both of them were enjoying their evening tea cozily in the evening, Amir asked her the same question that bothered her earlier,  “How is your life treating you? Is it the same or different after the wedding?” Amyra smiled coyly and replied, “It is not the same. Things have changed for good and in fact, life is the better version of it.

The couple met their friends the next day.  When Amyra met Amir’s friends, they asked her, “Are you happy?” Her reply was a resounding YES !! Pat came the next question, “Does he trouble you? She was amused at the question and very confidently replied, “No, not at all”. They then said – We hope he allows you to eat everything you like and do things as you please and so on. It was as if Amyra found herself in the middle of an interrogation. So with a doubtful expression, she asked, “Why are you guys asking so many questions?” There was a moment of silence and then Javed said, “At least now you can let go of your fears. Amir holds you close every night so that you can sleep peacefully. He tells us you use his hand as a pillow. He doesn’t take his hand off even if it pains. We have to massage his hand every morning in the office.” 

At any point in time in life when Amyra is scared, she knows where to go.

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