Cuts are on the body or in the brain?
Don’t know why everything is dealt with shame.
Words, action, custody, all are locked and hinged,
No syllable gets an ear and you felt like a cringe. 

The society ranks the HIGH TABLE, all are part of it, 
GHAR KI BADNAMI HOGI is the headline of the script.
Strangers and homies all mark the same on the balance,
Mortgage your grin albeit unboxing the menace.

No super saint exists in this cannibal world
Your belief, efforts, and words are your Kamehameha to this filthy mud
Crashed, abandoned, dismantled, all are stones to crumble,
Prior to that, you need to up ground urself from the slumber.

Hustle is the only pinpoint window at the dead-end of society !!
Raise your VOICE, act for yourself, 
or Help will be unfeasible even from the almighty.

Sent by : Veenamra Jha

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