Who will do the dishes ??

Life was so simple when we were kids. We never bothered about the dishes or laundry. Mom’s usual ask to keep the room clean always fell on deaf ears. We all know “The Chair”. It was the ultimate saviour. It was home to all the clothes that are too dirty to put into the closet but too clean for the laundry bag. I am sure we all still have such a chair. 

Question is what has changed over time? We all love a clean home. After all, our home is a living space, not a storage space. The fun part is that most of the fights amongst couples on weekends start with the conversion of this storage space to a temporary living space. In maximum cases, Housework is what a woman does that nobody notices unless she hasn’t done it. But nowadays the men have been lending their hands wherever possible.

I often think that ladies have a strong point. I mean, both of them cannot look good at the same time, it is either her or the house. They often clean the house for hours just to tell the guests “Sorry for the mess”. They always say they own the house, they are the queen. But when the time comes of cleaning, it suddenly becomes everyone’s duty.

Whereas guys definitely win the race. Nothing inspires cleanliness more than unexpected guests. Guys are experts in smartly hiding things. Have you ever seen a bachelor pad getting converted to a swanky clean hotel room just before the arrival of any of the faltmate’s mom ?? It is no secret that they prefer sleeping on the sofa than sweeping under the same. I bet guys don’t even understand the point behind sweeping beneath the carpet or cleaning below the couch. Rehan thinks a clean house is the sign of a boring person. Ishaan believes in keeping the house clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. The only thing people hate more than having a dirty house is Cleaning. When you cant clean the room, shut the door to the room. 

Ruhi and Eira had a lovely Friday night dinner with their spouses followed by a movie in their cozy little blanket. It was everything perfect. When Rehan and Ishaan got up to their Dracula-mood wives the next day, they had no clue what went wrong !! After their jibberish blabber, the culprit was the leftover cup near the sofa, undone laundry, yet to be cooked lunch and multiple similar things. 

The guys served a cup of blood to the thirsty draculas by doing their bit. Rehan started with keeping the cup to the sink followed by doing the dishes whereas Ishaan started off with the laundry. They shared the load and as the day progressed, the draculas were back to being the Dream Girls !!

So the moral of the story is – Behind every good marriage is a great house cleaning service.

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