We, humans, have this beautiful character, to express our dissatisfaction or annoyance on almost anything and everything and we go by the word COMPLAINT. We even complain about the things we ourselves do.. like getting up late, doing a job which is different from our liking, eating unhealthy. So, Ruhi came across this old FB post from a community called Zidd on Facebook. It is a community group started by a bunch of undergraduate students. The reason for this weird start is something beautiful. They, like all of us, had a lot of complaints but they were adamant enough to get rid of those or at least, TRY. A community that believed in No Talks, All Deeds.

The community started for they were annoyed. Annoyed by the way we follow others, annoyed with lack of civic sense amongst people, annoyed by the crazy dumping of all sorts of garbage including medical waste from the hospital, to the regular necessities like booze and cigarettes of the hostellers, to the kitchen waste, etc. etc. Zidd decided to do the needful but we humans again are lazy as fuck. Oh sorry !! Fuck and Sex is interesting to us, but cleaning the surrounding….. ah, that’s derogatory or too political or not our jobs. 

Ruhi was really amazed by their work. A small city of Bilaspur (CG, India) was transformed in many ways. The medical college and the bus stand were impeccably clean. So she decided to talk to one of the founders of Zidd. The first thing she got correct was that Zidd is not an organization, but a citizen’s movement. When asked about how did he bring so many people together, he actually told what we all already know. People are best at making excuses but taking credits. Also, people follow the examples. So when the idea of cleaning was presented to the group of people on the campus, initially everyone was hesitant. But then some followed and it took no time to convert that some to many. 

The programs/projects undertaken by the ZIDDIS, as they called themselves, were not something that can turn the society into paradise but they are beautiful and so very sensible. A humble start of cleaning the dumping area and getting a designated garbage truck in place lead to many more projects like teaching a vendor.  The street-side food vendors were taught about basic hygiene etiquette. There were sanitation programs, traffic awareness program where they were trying to educate people to use Dipper to avoid accidents, to wear helmets always, to follow traffic rules. And alike, Clean Your City which included something like fixing a corner at the end of the lane to pond cleaning. Ziddis also conducted Study camps, my favourite of all. The best gift you can give to society is education and so they did. Another beautiful initiative was Humari Sadak, Humara Adhikar, where a memorandum of appeal was given to the Government for a proper footpath, cycle track, and road crossing system and I can go on and on for hours appreciating the wonderful work. 

Giving is living, we need to love the world a little harder so that we don’t think twice before doing something for the betterment of it. And our world starts from our home, our society. We all can participate in this betterment, if we cant found or volunteer, we can be responsible in our day to day acts and educate others  around us to do so and that would contribute just enough. Zidd is an example that we don’t need an NGO or big staff to start with. Only good intentions and dedication is all that matters. Currently, Zidd is not functional due to lack of funding. The cleaning equipment doesn’t come cheap. But Ruhi and I are sure, this is just a meaningful pause. They will be back many times stronger soon.

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