Sabji Mandi

Are you the kind of person who orders everything online or you still follow your mother’s footsteps and head out to sabji mandi for fresh vegetables? I do not judge people over it. In the modern world of convenience, it’s easier to get everything home delivered but hitting the streets on some days can be sheer fun.

It is a widely accepted fact that traveling together helps you know a person a hundred times better. A trip to a supermarket or sabji mandi gives the same result, at a much cheaper rate. Ruhi and Eira prefer buying fresh greens from the sabji mandi. So on one fine weekend when Ruhi and Eira realized that their refrigerator was cooling nothing but air inside, they decided to pay a visit to the nearby sabji mandi.

Anticipating the narrow lanes, they headed out with 3 bags each on a two-wheeler. The plan was to buy veggies enough to last for a week. Their eyes lit up on the sight of a variety of fresh and colorful vegetables. Pumpkins shone as bright as the afternoon sun whereas green peas reminded them of lush green fields. There were tubers, gourds, leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and vegetables and everything they ate in their native town. They were no better than the kids left to play around freely in the play zone. In addition to the sabji shopping spree, Ruhi also got to know about the ingredients in each and every vegetable as Eira explained to her about the minerals associated with each and every color and how they benefit us. With this sudden sabji shopping plan, Eira was as happy as if she had just received flowers in all possible colors from her spouse.

Once they were done with the vegetables, they loaded the tiny two-wheeler with all the bags. As soon as they decided to head home satisfied, a tiny shop fully loaded with tender coconuts caught Eira’s eye. They quenched their thirst and thoroughly enjoyed it. They couldn’t resist but take home one each, thinking that they will relish it the next day. But they had to give up their greed as their poor partners were left high and dry at home.

Now the real struggle was how to fit this truck-load of vegetables that they had bought on a tiny scooter. So items from one bag were emptied into the dicky under the seat, two bags were clamped to the front and all the coconuts tied around the vehicle. Eira drove the vehicle and Ruhi was a pillion rider holding a bag with one hand and balancing herself and coconuts with the other. Even the shopkeeper was amazed and was laughing hysterically. 

They never thought that they would cherish this silly incident ever in the future but here they are. Recalling it and smiling over their intelligent ideas. 

Which incidents from the past are you cherishing now?

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