So many heads surrounding your core,
Reasons unknown, he is always bored.

Works, interests, hobbies enrol in you,
After doing all he says, I have no clue what to do !!

Dispose of the thoughts because you don’t belong to this zone
You are simply trying to breach by listening to all the moans.

River of pain always finds its way from the lenses..
Don’t overestimate your time as now you have a lot of friends. 

Real or true, you need to decide !!
After all, there are many sapiens who barely got any to confide.

Accept them and yourself, as to how you are 
Group them as your choice, but don’t send them apart

Many are wrecked by the time no matter how they wanted to survive,
Forgive, forget and hold on to the dear ones to not end up unalive.

Posted by – Veenamra Jha

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