The 90’s Kids

After a lot of research, I finally came to know that millennials are “widely accepted as having been born between 1981 and 1996 and they are also called as GenY. Who says age is just a number? It’s a privilege to be tagged as a millennial. It makes you feel way younger.

This lockdown has activated some kind of a time machine and it has taken all of us back to the good old childhood days. Now the re-telecast of Ramayan and Mahabharat has made it feel like summer vacation all over again. Summer vacations were not about assignments or 15 days break. Summer vacations meant around 90 days of absolute fun and enjoyment. 

Amrya’s summer vacation included the blazing sun of the Vidarbha region (Maharashtra) where big desert coolers were to be filled 3 times a day. Standing in queues to fetch water and taking care of the house garden was something that she absolutely hated then. But she missed these same activities during the rest of the year. On the other hand, Amir’s summers vacation included playing cricket for hours in the hot sun and helping his mother out in the fields. 

Eira being a defence kid, spent her summer vacations in a bit more disciplined manner. She would start off with the next year’s syllabus of Maths and Science and the entire family would head off to her grandma’s place. There is nothing better than enjoying the lush greenery of your native place. Clear blue skies, endless fields of sugarcane and a non-stop supply of delicious food and snacks. Ishan’s vacations were also somewhat similar except the disciplinary part. No wonder they have always got along so well. They have pretty similar roots albeit in different parts of India.

Rehan’s summer vacations were all about the visit to grandparents. Eating mangoes and litchis fresh from the fields was the highlight. Playing cricket in scorching sun during the afternoon and ending the day with stories from grandmother made everything else irrelevant and meaningless. Ruhi loved the vacations for her hobby classes. She learned various arts across the summer vacations. It was about spending it doing things that she loved. Be it painting or calligraphy or learning dance. 

What all the Millennials miss together are fixing of cassette tapes with a pencil and relishing Kismi bars and candy cigarettes. Calling up friends on their landline and enquiring if they have a new cassette for 1000 in 1 video game. Pen fight and Chacha Chaudhary were the most entertaining game then. Even television serials were addictive. Rangoli, Surabhi, Small Wonder, Shaktimaan, Chitrahaar, Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli and what not.Although we are grown-ups now but somewhere deep within there still lives a child. If you are a millennial kid, please tell us your story at  and let everyone know about your childhood.

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