That first drink !!

The best days of a boy’s life are spent in the hostel. That’s the place where a lot of firsts happen. First drink, first puff, first girlfriend and bonds of friendship stronger than CO (carbon monoxide). Rehan’s hostel days were his golden days as well.

Along with dinosaurs, one more thing that is now extinct is ragging in hostels. But back in 2005-2006, it was very much alive and kicking. Rehan has endured all the torture his seniors inflicted on him in the first year but Rehan made through it just fine. To start with, he was asked to give a full-blown introduction in pure Hindi. Being in IT engineering, he had a tough time figuring out that it’s called सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी अभियांत्रिकी. He was made to pick a pencil lying on the ground with his butt cheeks. Rehan has been an achiever right from the beginning. Along with acing the nested if and for loops, he aced these ragging pranks as well. 

Hostel life in Gujarat had its own unique challenges. Being a dry state, booze is really hard to come by. But Rehan and his friends came up with an ingenious way of sneaking it in. So on the decided day, Johnnie Walker Red Label was brought in a triple-decker stainless steel tiffin box in the hostel along with some bottles of Thumbs-Up. With no knowledge of the drinking business, neat pegs were made. As it was bitter in taste, they finished it up with the thumbs-up. So a sip of whiskey followed by a big portion of cold drink. And soon the cold drink was over. They still had a lot of whiskey left. So they gulped it down similar to water or any other liquid and all of them got sloshed. With no glasses around, they actually made their pegs in those tiffin dabbas. By the time the bottle was empty, these guys were also empty-headed. Lying in their own vomits, they were far from being sober and conscious.

Most boys make it a point that their parents don’t have a clue of their wrongdoings but Rehan is the exact opposite. He immediately attains absolution from all his sins by confessing. He called his father around 3 in the morning and confessed to being drunk. Twist was that he told them that all the drinking episode was part the ragging. Thus, his parents have immense faith in him. This works in his favour even today.

We often do some idiotic stuff in our younger days, years later it is nothing but good memories. What is the weirdest thing you have done in your hostel days? 

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