Bloody Good Period

Eira relied on her headphones and good internet connection as she headed for her evening walk after her two BFFs ditched her. She zeroed down on a random podcast listed on Spotify. It was a Women’s day special episode “The Habit Coach” with Ashdin Doctor. That amazing podcast during her brisk walk took her down the memory lanes.

It reminded her of PAIN, ANXIETY, and AGONY she once felt. Yes, let’s discuss menstruation aka periods aka ladies problem today. We don’t really have to dig long in our past when it was an even bigger taboo than it is today. I am sure every other girl was instructed not to enter the kitchen or temple or eat pickles etc. Sanitary pads or used cotton clothes were kept hidden from other members of the family. 

Every single body is different from others and also the way to manage periods is different. Some lucky women have painless periods while some have the worst cramps ever. Some need complete bed rest whereas some gulp pills after pills to keep the daily chores grinding. 

Amyra has come a long way from the time when she was hell scared and clueless on her first period. She was frightened looking for the source of that stain. Today she doesn’t hesitate to tell her boss that she is down with periods and she needs a cab to get home in 5. Ruhi is the lucky one. All she is bothered about is that she would have to be extra careful with her white jeans. Eira’s life was not like this. Yes, her mother tried to follow some rudimentary rituals, but it never stopped her from talking about it loud and open. It was not surprising when she told her trainer that it was her second day, hence probably she would not be able to give her best in the deadlift.

This article would not be complete without the mention of the mighty PCOD. It is a common issue seen in every 3rd woman out there but still, more than half of the population chooses to stay ignorant. Eira too suffered from PCOD. Now Eira admires the beautiful days of menses. She prefers to work out hard on legs and does everything which she was instructed not to do before. She goes for treks, she goes partying, she shares her feelings (irritation, pain, anxiety, PMS with her friends and family). She even waits for it, but never hates it. Eira has modified her lifestyle and came out of the painful journey of PCOD and she motivates every one out there to embrace it happily. 

Periods are a headache, but your heart might just skip a beat if you miss it. Whether you get it or not, it’s all part and parcel of a woman’s life. Only the lens through which we view it has changed. It is no more a dirty word. We don’t need that shift in the eyes of the people while passing through the sanitary pads section in a supermarket. The more we talk about it, the less mysterious it will be. It is not a symbol of shame. It takes a bit of courage to break the stigma around periods but life gets better and easier when we break the chain of silence. Every woman deserves a bloody good period.

While listening to that podcast somewhere Eira got the much-needed assurance that she is on the right track. We will talk more about the problems related to PCOD in our coming posts. 

And this post is not only for female readers. It is for all of you guys who think pregnancy is the only reason why periods are delayed. It is for those who think girls are always cranky because they are PMSing. It is for those who still think sanitary pads are the same as diapers. Please follow the links below for detailed knowledge about the same.

PS: Pics taken from google.

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