Do you remember being more hungry when your mom asked you not to finish off a pack of biscuits?? Or when you pulled an all-nighter especially when you were asked to hit the sack by 9pm? Kids have a tendency to do the exact opposite of what is expected out of them and adults are no different. This lockdown is nothing but an excruciating test of patience for all of us where the majority of us are bound to fail.

A friend who always had an excuse for not coming out of the home on weekends is suddenly missing his parties. Another friend who never ever lifted her a** off the couch is posting home workout videos daily. A colleague who would be dying to get work from home (WFH) is now almost depressed after WFH for three weeks straight in a row. For him, WFH has turned into WTF! There are covidiots who want to step out for a run or grocery or medicines or to see an ailing friend or whatnot. Then there are feminists who demand leaves during menstruation. They are the ones who are most unwilling to let their maids go on leave. Yes, what an irony !! People are so bored of sitting at their homes that all we want to know now is how many holes a Marie biscuit has and the number of “hee hee ” in the famous song “Rinkiya k Papa”. 

On the positive side, this lockdown has given us the time to establish a deeper connection with ourselves. Remember the times when we desperately waited for weekends to be able to Netflix and chill ??? Now we are even more desperate to get outside, see the sky, breathe deep and meet friends. So yes friends, everything happens for a reason. Don’t question it, just trust it. Somewhere we all wanted this kind of silence around us, of course not in the form of a lockdown though. Did you not need some time for your own aloof from the world ? Here it is. Make the best use of it. Be a better version of yourself.

Don’t you think after these 21 days, hugs and handshakes would mean so much more? When this ends, all matches will sell out, restaurants will have a long queue, kids would love to be back in school, employees will love their jobs, youngsters will hit the dance floor and gigs will be plentiful. Although it’s just March, it’s already time for some ThanksGiving. Let us be thankful!

So if you have to be thankful for something, what would that be?

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