Unconditional Love

Humans are at the top of the evolutionary ladder but they have managed to forge a special relationship with some other animals who are somewhat below. Who doesn’t love animals or pets? Nowadays, it is a crime if you don’t address your pet appropriately. Strictly, you should call them by their names like Coco, Whiskey, Dukie or Ziggy. Dogs are your best friends & you feel safer with them. Cats are photogenic and sophisticated whereas Fish and Tortoises are considered lucky. 

Eira & Ishan love pets and they do tortoise and fish care for some of their friends who are either going on vacations or are simply bored with their pets. Amyra is scared of animals/birds whereas Ruhi is a heartless creature. On the other hand, Rehan is quite fond of dogs but as you could guess, Ruhi rules the house. Now the only person left is Amir. And boy! He loves them like anything, at least as much as Amyra if not more. Be it dogs, cats, goats, hens, cows. You name it, he likes it! 

I got the shock of my life when I saw Amir sleeping with Bholu and Dholu. Don’t misunderstand, Bholu and Dholu are his stuffed soft toys. It breaks my heart to read that parents are abandoning their pets simply because they are unaware of the fact that CORONA virus cannot be transmitted through pet animals. 

Let me narrate an incident. On my way back from my morning run one day, I saw Amyra stranded on the road with her bike. Nearby was a tribe of goats. She was furious and visibly very pissed off. It was when I offered help and assistance that I got to know that she was making plans to kill Amir as he left her in the middle of the road on the bike (mind you she is short and it is difficult for her to reach the ground). He went ahead to talk and play with the Baby Goat. And this was not the first time !! He once stopped in the middle of a jam-packed road to help a puppy cross the road. He then asked Amyra to take care of him by the time he gets some milk and cookies for him. Well, I have seen him conversing with a cow too. He makes them his friends and part of his life. 

There are always two sides to the coin. People who aren’t hesitating to leave their pets miles away from their homes and people like Amir who is ready to put his life at a halt for such pets. My mother always asked me to shut up if I had nothing good to say. If you don’t love the animals around, please don’t hurt or harm them in any way. They need us now more than ever. 

Comment down to tell us if you know any such Amir. Tag your friends and let us know your story. Share your favourite picture with your pet.

PS: Follow the cute kittie on her insta handle – zoeythebilli

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