CORONA – Move On Karo Na

As always, the world is presented with something novel again.
The widespread virus and new words like pandemic and quarantine.
It affected so many countries leaving everyone in a panic,
Few cases turned to many, making evident it was gigantic.

The population in the country was told to practice hand wash and sanitiser,
Religious debates, protests vanished & suddenly everyone behaved wiser.
One pandemic brought so many knights in the picture, 
To name some – Domestic Help, Nurses, Police, and Doctors. 

Some fools thought it was fun and still enjoying the game,
Others stayed home, blessed for they have an option to work from home.
The crisis definitely is a bigger challenge for less fortunate, 
As the wealth and facility and luxury are not rightly proportionate.

The difficult situation also brought us to this growing realisation,
We have been selfish and failed to co-exist on our path towards a developed nation.
Now is the time to take precaution, avoid ignorance, & have some compassion,
Resume forgotten hobbies, be creative, care for oneself and follow our passion.

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