A to Z

The weekend is around the corner. I know the weekdays are often so hectic with office, tiffin or family, lunch boxes and gym that we often don’t get time to sit and relax. We often wait for weekends or holidays to be able to relax and do something that has been on our list for ages. So now when everyone is enjoying some time off their heavy work schedules and looking for ways to utilise the time in hand, I thought of taking some inputs from Eira. So far she is our reader’s favourite. <Three Cheers for Eira, yayyyyy> 

She came up with her unique A to Z list. It has a mix of her most important aspects, nutrition, and exercise. To make it even easier for our readers, she was kind enough to help with links to the tried and tested recipes she loves the most. Go through the list and comment down below if you want to read similar posts from Ruhi and Amyra. 

Healthy Eating !!!

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