Maid – The Actual Madam

A clean home is a happy home. The actual pain that goes behind such happy homes is known only to two people – the lady of the house and her maid. Yes, maids are a crucial part of Indian families nowadays. The most dreadful start of the day is a message or phone call from the maid intimating of unplanned leave. Having enough of such leaves and other trivial issues, Ruhi wanted to get rid of her maid. 

When she heard Eira boasting about her maid, Ruhi thought of all the ideas to lure Eira’s maid. Rehan believed Ruhi has a hobby to fire and hire maids at regular intervals for no good reason. Then started Ruhi’s nag to find a fault in her current maid’s work. When other ladies of the society inquired about her new office timings, she understood that her current maid is the Sambit Patra who has taken the responsibility of keeping every lady of the society on the same page by imparting the inside talks. And this was the final nail in the coffin. Now she had a valid reason to fire her maid. Well, the new maid was appointed and everything was going well. 

It was a Saturday morning and Ruhi wanted to sleep till the sun shone directly on her head as she had partied hard into the night. When the new maid rung the doorbell at 8 am, half-awake Ruhi reached the door and asked the maid to come later in the day on weekends. HR lesson – If you upset your critical resource, be ready for disaster. Maid threatened that if she went to the next house, she will not come back for the day.

Poor Ruhi washed her face and helped the maid to finish her chores. After all, she was the only option left now. Rehan couldn’t control his laughter listening to their banter. And that is why it is rightly said:

“Known Devil is better than an Unknown Angel”.

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