Our First Pet

He wasn’t as welcomed as a new game on phone or an application,
Somehow lil Bro convinced everyone and sorted his accommodation.
He was awkward, energetic, clueless and messy
But that’s obvious, coz days he spent on earth was noway more than forty.
He is one hell of a lucky chap
All he does is wag his tail, relish his food and take a nap.

I have a family where no-one approves of a pet
But all reluctance vanished when he started displaying his love, warmth and zest
Now my father whom I have never seen guilt ridden,
Looks totally sad and disturbed if he miss to take him to garden.
And my mum who is always cute, caring and right..
Easily became his favourite coz he has a big appetite.

The one who spoils him and never misses to pamper
is no one but the crazy brother who gets him chicken dinner’s hamper
There is an adorable aunt who takes most of his responsibility
And also handles all the complains from neighbours for his notoriety.

I don’t wanna take credit for being some biggie,
But boy, I gave him this cute name, Ziggy !!!

Sent By : Sanjana

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