I lately decided to try popular cooking therapy,
But with no salt, coz it was fasting day unfortunately.
I was well aware, my skills are limited to salad, millet and oats.
And even more sure, it was easier to write quotes. 

But it was too late, as the boat had already sailed,
I recalled all hook and rescue, if the cooking mission failed .
Fyi, the end result was supposed to be kheer.
Even though I had no sugar, nuts or anjeer.

Crazy me, opened the fridge and got a packet of milk..
Poured it all, added rice and was totally focused so it doesn’t spill.
And I stir and, stir and, stir….till it was half.
I was almost proud, feeling silly, but saved my laugh.

For sweetness, I opened all CCD sugar sachet and cubes.
Threw them in, and waited for it to look better than soup.
Finally, comes the time of verdict on the meal 
It was not first class but it had all my feelings for real

Sent By : Sanjana

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