Shoorveer Ruhi

At first glance, Ruhi comes across as a teeny-weeny lady with an infectious smile but they say looks can be deceiving! 

You will witness the power she packs if you sit by her side when she is at the wheel. The Porsche 918 Spyder Sports Car goes from 0-100 kmph in 2.5 secs. Ruhi achieves the same feat in her Honda City when she is late for office. Even on a two-wheeler she is always connected to the phone (something that the cops won’t be happy about) and comes to the rescue of Amyra and Eira on a single ring.

The art of cooking doesn’t come naturally to her. However, this no way means she cooks badly. She is incredibly independent and lives her life like a free bird but transforms as quickly as Optimus Prime as per the need of the hour. Be it strapping on the ghunghat(veil) with velcro to comply with her rural customs or cooking fish for her in-laws while she is this close to turning vegan. Sometimes she finds herself trapped in traditions and society but is completely herself around Amyra and Eira. Nonetheless, she has great respect for the rich North Indian culture and is a linguistic expert. Her Hindi is unparalleled. People around often have a tough time talking to her in Hindi as she tends to use the words which modern people conversing in Hinglish probably haven’t even heard of. Have you heard someone referring to birds as “Pakshi” lately ??? 

There’s something so special about this woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness and the nerve to never take no for an answer. She can get anything done. Cook for 40 – check, drive to Goa – check, bring the team out of a crisis – check and whatnot. That’s why Amyra and Eira call her the Boss Baby. She can break open a tender coconut with a knife. The result of standing up for herself is the Ms. Dhaakad award she bagged in her office. Losing weight is too mainstream, losing temper is her kind of thing. 

While her IQ is above average, she thinks she has a long way to go on improving her EQ. As you know, excess of anything is bad. Being too practical also has its downfall. She is a full package. She is as unpredictable as Bangalore rains. I am still trying to figure out what really goes on in Ruhi’s mind. Not sure if it will happen anytime soon. 

Do you happen to like her? Do you resemble her or do you despise her? Don’t forget to comment down below to tell us your thoughts.

Picture credits – Doodleodrama

4 thoughts on “Shoorveer Ruhi

  1. He wasn’t as welcomed as a new game on phone or an application,
    But somehow my brother convinced all and sorted his accomodation.

    He was awkward, energetic, loveable, clueless and messy
    But that’s obvious coz days he spent on earth was noway more than forty.

    He is one hell of a lucky chap
    All he does is wag his tail, relish his food and take a nap.

    I have a family where no-one approves of a pet
    But all reluctance vanished when he started displaying his love warmth and zest

    Now my father whom I have never seen guilt ridden
    Looks totally sad and disturbed if he miss to take him to garden

    And my mum who is always cute, caring and right
    Easily became his favourite coz he have a big appetite.

    The one who spoils him and never misses to pamper
    Is no one but the crazy brother who brings him chicken dinner’s hamper

    There is an adorable aunt who takes most of his responsibility
    And also handles all the complains from neighbours for his notoriety

    I don’t wanna take credit for being some biggie
    But boy, I gave him this cute name, Ziggy !!!

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