Trust Yourself !!

Life is a strictest teacher. It tests you first and then gives you the lesson. Though it is a widely known phenomenon that never judge a book by its cover, still we give eyes the privilege to decide what is good n what not for us just by the face value. We blindly trust our family, relatives, friends n so called well wisher just by their word n their appearance, inspite of the fact that world salutes only those who are in the best of their times.

So many theories are cooked up just to make the newcomers believe that humanity actually prevails and it is not a business module which only operates for the profit. However during your struggle times or in your failures comes the actual casting of the people around you. Their real face is revealed then. Who once promised to be with you in all your happiness n miseries actually enjoy the party and live with no trace of ray to help you stand up after a fall. World is evolving so are the ways of living. Nowadays happiness gets subtracted n problems gets multiplied by showing but the catch is though war is the last thing anyone would like to have in our daily lives everyone is mingled in some or the other cold war with our own self giving ourselves so much importance that nobody wants anyone else to succeed n thus making full use of the times when else is weak and to make sure to pull that person down to a level from where rising would be impossible.

But not all is in the hands of humans universe has its own way of rewarding, at the end of road it lit the lamp for the ones who r actually genuinely, so don’t get feared of anyone n live your life on your own terms abiding by your conscience of course!!!!

Sent By : Kiran

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