Perfect Relationship

Today’s topic of discussion during evening walk for Eira and Ruhi was how certain habits and actions of their respective partners pisses them off at times. Listening to their bickering, all that came to my mind was that it is rightly said that the real feeling of true and unconditional love can only be found in a mother’s lap. It definitely cannot be found between a husband and wife.

The husband’s love grows manifolds for his wife if she gels with his family, especially mom. Cooking skills, not being spendthrift, allergic to shopping are a few other qualities that add to his love in day to day life. Understanding, caring and other such qualities is a plus. Similarly wive’s love is directly proportional to the number of times the husband takes her side against his mother.  Drying the wet towel outside or closing the cupboard makes or breaks the morning. Getting the grocery or doing laundry results in a good meal. Small gifts here and there and surprise vacation plans keep the husband out of the radar for like 2 months at least. 

Both ladies and gentlemen have their own ways to keep their respective partners in check. Their relation is pretty similar to that of two siblings in multiple ways. You can kick, punch or kill your sibling but anyone else on the planet will have to go through you to even have a handshake. The same is with these ladies. They keep complaining about their husband to the entire village but the moment someone else joins the act, he/she becomes the number one enemy. They will be reminded of everything wrong they ever did in their life by the lady. If nothing else, they will be told how big of a burden they are on mother earth. 

There is no perfect couple. How the couple behaves in conflicts and unfavorable conditions makes them perfect. Relationships don’t just “work” always. Real relationships aren’t perfect and perfect relationships aren’t real. I read it somewhere and found it so true. Couples who fight often are stronger than those who don’t. [No, I don’t support Kabir Singh (a controversial Bollywood movie)in any manner.] What I meant is that it’s not the fighting that makes them stronger, but what takes place after the fighting. The act of forgiveness, acceptance of one’s mistake, making up and how you value the relationship more than the fight is all that differentiates a good couple from the mediocre ones. It is very easy to put on a mask. Most people have a public face, the one they show to co-workers and people they meet on the street. Then there’s the private face, shown only to those they’re more intimate with; close friends, family. Then there is the face that is shown only to their lovers. Don’t let a wet towel or online shopping bring differences. 

So keep adding lubricants to your gears and salt to your dishes. Comment down to tell us the most annoying habit of your partner and join the wagon. 

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