Raise Your Limits

There are two kinds of people in the world. One, who are motivated enough to follow a path religiously to achieve something they desire and then there are others who need a gun pointed to their heads to even take a shower. What exactly drives both the ends of the spectrum? I got the answer to this in a session I attended sometime back. Our self-worth is rooted in what we value and what we value drives our motivation. And this motivation in turn shapes and directs our behaviour.  

I always wonder what is it that drives Eira. She never misses on any dinner party and still sticks to her veggies and proteins. She is always up for a drink, provided it is a hot chocolate or Becherovka (herbal liquor – I too got to know about it after I met this lady). She is always the first to positively nod to any outdoor activity as it helps her in hitting the 10,000 step mark. That does not stop her from cooking delicious yet healthy food for her family. She somehow still finds time for cooking all by herself.

Hundred is a number generally associated with achievement. Sachin scored a hundred 100s and is the God of Cricket. Students want to score a perfect hundred, humans aspire to live for 100 years. However, Eira dreaded number 100. The reason? She weighed over a hundred kilos. Her balloon-like appearance completely zapped her confidence. Books are judged by its cover and products are sold for its packaging. So when your weight becomes your identity, it really becomes difficult to sell yourself. Academically brilliant Eira stayed away from the limelight. Carrying this extra baggage for years, she finally understood in her mid-twenties that she had to turn her life around. The clock was ticking life away and it was getting into a now-or-never situation.

She parked her plans of higher studies, hit the gym without fail, cooked her own healthy meals, avoided junk food and went to the extent of getting a certification of sports nutrition course. Life is never easy but excuses don’t burn calories. So while she lost over 30 kgs, she discovered a new self all along. Exercise is now her lifelong friend and it doesn’t bog her down.

So now you all also know why Eira is always after her Paneer and Eggs. The only place where dreams are impossible is your own mind! In the real world, life is much easier. All you’ve got is all you need. Wishing you a healthy lifestyle and hope you all score 100 marks on this test of life!!!

Comment down to know the details of Eira’s journey. She also loves helping out people with their diet and workout plans. So feel free to drop your queries.

2 thoughts on “Raise Your Limits

  1. Like Eira, we too fight our own battles. We may not always come up tops, but it’s important to be persistent. Each time you restart a battle that you just must win, you start from experience of what went wrong the last time. We mustn’t be afraid of failure, but be afraid of giving up!!
    This was a nice piece. Good going. Keep going.

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