Men will be Men

Men will be men! This is not just an Imperial blue commercial but actually how men are. So while the chemistry of Amyra, Eira, and Ruhi is as complicated as crystal meth, their men are easy to comprehend, as straight as an arrow and unassuming. So while the ladies were starting to bond over evening walks, fitness, and food, what brought together their men was CHAI.

A 2018 study by Deloitte India revealed that tea is a highly penetrated product with close to 88% of Indian households reporting consumption. Ruhi and Rehan’s day starts with a ‘chai’ before a ‘hi’. Amyra dedicates the first 5 minutes out of the 45 she spends juggling utensils around in the morning to making tea for Amir. Eira’s north Indian chai sipping habits have rubbed on to Ishan, traditionally a black tea consumer. Now he too likes a milky cup of ginger tea.

Amir, Ishan, and Rehan first met in the parking lot over a discussion on irresponsible parking by some random resident. After having settled the debate on parking, Rehan invited Amir and Ishan over chai. Rehan’s chai takes some time to brew but it didn’t take as long for Amir, Ishan, and Rehan to forge a bond. While the conversation started with housing society issues, it expanded to careers, home loans and back to the quirky habits of their better halves. This was the first of the series of ‘CHAI PE CHARCHA’, many more were to follow.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. No wonder humans have sent more missions to Mars and definitely understand it better than Venus. Let us go back to our hostel days. We will agree that the ease of living index of a boys hostel is higher than even Pune, forget alone the girls’ hostel. They do fight at times but get together again over a session of chai-sutta and the slate is clean again. They have little or no expectations from each other. They don’t think much and are willing to adjust to any given situation without making a fuss about it. Sometimes when life throws a lemon at them, they get white rum, soda, mint and make a mojito.

When they first met, Amir, Ishan, and Rehan were just three residents of the same building. Little did they know that soon they will become three sailors of the same boat. They still have their ‘CHAI PE CHARCHA’ when their ladies are busy playing soul sisters someplace else. All the men around are free to join them. Chai is a given but they are open for JD/Teacher’s as well.

So when are you all joining them ?? Comment down below to tell us what is your poison? Don’t forget to tag and mention your besties.  

PS: The picture belongs to its true owner. We have taken it from the internet.

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