Deep dive into Amyra’s day

No hi-hello or good morning, Amyra started her day by sharing the concern of her salary not being credited in spite of being the 11th day of the month. Ruhi suggested her to raise a concern with the salary section. The next question was from Eira asking if she knows the concerned resource personally by any chance. Pat came the reply – I myself lead the salary department !!!

The other two ladies and I knew that Amyra has some finance experience but heading the whole finance department of a midlevel manufacturing company is altogether a different game. Amazed and impressed, I decided to peep into Amyra’s day. 

Her day starts in the Kitchen. A woman might do with fruit or just a cup of tea for herself, but when it comes to her family and especially kids, home-cooked nutritious food has no alternatives. Many prefer to cook themselves whereas others supervise the cook. Amyra starts with cooking breakfast and lunch for the two of them and mind you, she finishes her cooking, gulps her breakfast, packs her lunch and get ready – all in just 45 minutes. Her ninja mode every morning is worth a tub of popcorn. Her usual day at the office starts with an evaluation of the company’s share values and ends with uploading payments. MIS, Board meetings, cash flow planning and everything else related to the company’s finance and legal is a part of her work-life. She learned the difference between a manufacturing and service-based company the hard way. Being a CS, she knew what it takes to run a company, but after getting into finance, she actually understood how to run a company. 

Amidst all this fancy profile what pisses her off about her office is the restriction to not be able to have a walk after lunch, no coffee or pantry area, no chilled out relaxing time to attend a personal call of even 2 minutes and not to forget, working Saturdays. She has a mantra. To maintain your independence, you must always be needed and wanted. The more you are relied on, the more freedom you have. Similar is the case when it comes to her spouse. Her husband is completely dependent on her. Just the way she is the boss at the office, after all releasing the salary of almost 95% of employees is a huge deal, she is the queen at home too. Every single thing passes by her approval.

She is home by 6:30 every evening but her work never leaves her. I have seen her engrossed in her laptop on her way to a dinner party. By now, if you feel she is fully packed with her chores running around a time table, always surrounded by work and her hubby’s needs, you are absolutely Wrong !!

She lives every moment to the fullest. She wraps up with the dinner and tries to never miss the evening walk. Whenever Eira or Ruhi are late from their offices, she quickly sends them Egg curry and rice so that they don’t have to resort to Maggi. Friendly discussion on something random with Ruhi and Eira helps her get rid of the physical and mental stress. She is the most chirpy one. She struggles every damn day to cramp her 30 hrs work in 24 hrs and still she is always smiling, cheerful. She cracks the worst PJs and her childish jokes would bring a smile to even the grumpiest person. Her day is incomplete without an episode of Friends.

I am sure every alternate home has an Amyra in disguise of a mother or wife or daughter or even father who is struggling with time but is always joyful. It seems they have excelled in this art of accommodating everything. Who is the Amyra in your life? Are you the Amyra for someone else? Feel free to share your thoughts. Comment down to tell us what do you think of Amyra .

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