Friends, Fitness & Fun

I am sure the majority of ladies out there get up really early. To make tiffins for kids or spouses, prepare the lunches, assist the maid and what not. But do they get to spend even a fraction of second with their own self? Mornings are often even more hectic on weekends. Laundry and dusting are always on top of the list. Do not forget some special menu on demand. Maximum times all we want is to sleep all weekend and do literally nothing. Ruhi and Amyra are a similar kind of course. 

In order to help these two sleepyheads do something fruitful, Eira thought of taking them out. No no, don’t get me wrong !! It was not a lunch or dinner’s plan. It was a small trek to a mountain nearby. Initially, Eira’s proposal was shunned by the other two. And no prize for guessing the excuses. Eira is Eira, she went ahead and spoke to their respective partners and it was not very tough then to convince the two lazy ladies.

The decision to meet at 6 in the morning was pushed to 6:30 very conveniently as per the Indian standards of the time. The flag on top of the peak was the goal now. When they started, the three husbands were leading the way. Eira did all she could to encourage Amyra and Eira. Amyra was excited for her another first. It was just after some 15 minutes that Amyra started having cramps in her legs. It is very different to walk on an inclined rocky area than to walk on a straight road. Ruhi too was no good either. It was just she was good in hiding her plight behind Amyra. Whenever Amyra took a pit stop to rest for a while, Ruhi stopped too in order to give her some company. Eira was by their side helping them fight their way up. Eira actually created milestones mentally and tricked the two ladies towards it slowly and steadily. 

It is always mesmerizing to enjoy the beauty of nature from the top of a mountain. Shining sun added to the gorgeousness of the surroundings. To actually trek the whole way up needed a lot of core strength. It was then that Amyra and Ruhi realized that they are not fit enough and a whole lot of work is required.

The morning became even more happening when the gossip session started and it was on, throughout the time they walked down the peak. This adventurous morning bought the three closer and not to forget, their spouses got along well too. The whole trek was filled with sweat, pain, and laughter. The usual 1-hour climb took them around 2 hours but these people did it. Amyra was glowing with happiness whereas Ruhi was just about to faint. Eira was holding their hands and feeling proud of her friends for completing the climb. She could relate to their feelings. Their morning meet was culminated after the scrumptious breakfast they had at roadside stall.

It was a great day for their bubbling friendship. It made me think of the impact of having great friends, once again. Friends stand by you in your good and bad. They never let you do crazy things alone and make you do things that you would not even think of doing. They help to bring your hidden talent shining out for the world to witness. They help you unravel that closed part of your own self which never even existed for you. Life would actually be so lifeless without Friends. 

How did your friend help you grow? Share your story with us. Comment down below to tell the most outrageous thing you did with your friends.  

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