A different walk to remember…

The latest fad these days are Green tea and Gym. Gone are the days when people had a tough time to choose between Parle G and samosa to go with their cup of tea, people now discuss whether they prefer lemon or honey with their green tea. What people fail to realize is that green tea is not a magic potion that burns away fat. Green tea might definitely make you lose pounds only if you actually climb a mountain to fetch the leaves yourself. 

So when Eira was thinking of a start line for Amyra, nothing clicked her better than an evening walk. A sedentary lifestyle combined with laziness added to the miseries of chubby Amyra. Initially, when they started, it was hard for her to even complete 5 rounds of the basketball court. Slowly and steadily, under Eira’s guidance, she could walk for over an hour at a decent speed. She now waited for Eira to reach home and get free with her homely duties so that they could go for a walk. One evening, Eira was stuck with some meeting and I was amazingly surprised when Amyra went down all alone and actually finished her daily goal of 10,000 steps. 

I forgot to mention, Ruhi too decided to join them merely after a week. A good company keeps you motivated and it worked positively for these three. In addition to their walk, Amyra also started working on her diet. Eira was happy to see these two following her advice and actually acting on it. It made her elated, also acted as a catalyst and pushed her to work on herself even better. 

Everyone was getting benefitted in one way or another. However, I loved Ruhi’s reason the most. She made it a KNOW-IT-ALL session. She utilized this time in connecting with these two on a deeper level. They talked about their background, family, love-life and what not. It bought them closer. They started understanding each other better. It would not be incorrect if I call it KNOW-AMYRA time. As, she was the talkative one, the other two got to know about her insecurities, possessiveness for her husband and obsession with clean washrooms.

Not to forget the fun part, it made me hysterical to see all three of them wearing exactly the same shoes. It also made me scratch my head if it was a sheer coincidence or they actually went ahead and bought the same shoes. Women I know locked the dress away if they ever saw anyone wearing a similar one and here these crazy ladies went shopping for exactly the same stuff.

Their conversations were far more engaging than their first step towards fitness. They for sure knew how to add a fun element in each and everything they did. It was almost a month when they started walking without any gap. Because Eira held the fitness & nutrition flag, she decided the time has come to take them one step ahead. To make them realize the importance of stamina and strength, she decided to introduce them to a small but fun activity. You gotta read the next post to know the details. 

Meanwhile, do not forget to tell us what was the first hack you tried towards fitness. Was it a glass of lukewarm water or quitting sugar or something else? Comment down below or write to us. 

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