Comfortable with each other.

We mainly have 3 seasons in India, summer rainy and winter. But my favorite is the Festival season. It starts with Ganesh Chaturthi followed by Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali. This is the time when you talk to even those distant relatives and friends who were nowhere in your thoughts throughout the year. These festivals are a binding force and bring out the best in people. These 3 ladies are no different. If I look back, their first outing together was actually during one of these festivals. 

Navratri is celebrated all over India, yes the underlying reason is different in every part and therefore the rituals and cultural activities differ from state to state. Durga Puja Pandals are one such way of celebrating the festival in Eastern India. The rest of the country also has adapted these and such huge beautifully decorated pandals are organized by Bengalis in every other city. As usual, these three aloof ladies had no plans. Co-incidentally all of them reached home almost at the same time that day from office and were forced to talk to each other. 

Eira being the sane-st amongst them, initiated the conversation and asked about their plans. The other two had none, so she suggested of Pandal hopping. That way they can know about each other more and can have a fun-filled and chilled out evening. All three of them were equally skeptical of the thought but finally agreed to the plan. They decided to meet in 30 minutes. She told her hubby to get ready. She started for the parking ahead, telling her husband to lock the door and join. 

Ruhi and Amyra were already there chit-chatting and Eira was shocked to know that this was a ladies’ night as per the other two. She was truly apprehensive about this, but this plan was initiated by herself and now when everyone was looking forward to a fun night, she could not just back out. Surprisingly all three of them had their car keys on. Finally, Eira decided to be on the wheel. 

Even I got to know that night that Eira was a novice but a good driver, Ruhi was little rash and impatient and Amyra can hardly see things at night due to her glasses. They were starting to get comfortable with each other. They reached the Pandal and were amazed by the gorgeous statue of Goddess Durga. The air was filled with the melodious tunes sung by the classical singers. 

They enjoyed their time and headed to a good restaurant nearby for dinner. They spent the next two hours talking their hearts out. It was the best day for Amyra as it was her first outing without her partner and she surprisingly enjoyed it. It was new for her to not think of her partner and she actually didn’t want the conversation to end. All girls outing was a first for both Eira and Ruhi. Eira was proud to be the epicenter of the plan which turned out to be such fun. She actually drove that far for the first time. She was constantly sharing her excitement with her husband over chats. It was new for Ruhi to find such understanding women around who did not judge her over her independent and modern thoughts. 

Overall, this evening commenced the journey of a beautiful friendship amongst these three ladies. Eira’s apprehension was not at all needed. Ruhi felt she could actually be patient around these and Amyra was different and even more talkative around the other two. It was overwhelming to see them so happy together. Let’s see how their lives get entwined with each other if they turn out to be best friends together or they decide to never see each other. 

Keep watching this space for more. Meanwhile, comment down to tell us about the incident when you shed your inhibitions and become actually comfortable with your friends.

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