Different flowers make a beautiful bouquet

Instance 1:
Eira moved to her new abode of happiness with her husband. Formal interaction with the neighbours at the inaugural only helped her understand about the food preferences of her new neighbours. Mrs. Sharma was a pure vegetarian who couldn’t even stand the sight of any non-vegetarian food whereas Mishra Ji would prefer having his fav protein 3 times a day. To know the people better, she decided to have “Chai pe Charcha” one Sunday morning and invited everyone from the building over. Out of some 12 families, unfortunately only 2 actually turned up. And here comes Ruhi with her husband. Eira was glad to find someone of a similar age group. To break the ice, she mentally went through her list of queries around the newly formed society and started talking around it. It was way too early to think about friendship but an acquaintance is not a bad start after all. They started talking and these two ladies ended up sharing their views and opinions about random things happening around. It was a pleasant gathering.

Instance 2:
Eira and hubby got late one evening and were welcomed with a surprise vehicle at their allotted spot. The last thing one wants after a hectic day at the office is to struggle to either find a parking spot or the culprit of the wrong parking. An agitated mumbling Eira turned to look for the security guard and saw Ruhi smiling over her luck(read bad luck). She shared her plight with Ruhi only to get some harsh and brutal ways to get rid of this problem. Yes, Ruhi is a hungry tigress always ready to pounce. There was no air of formality and it felt like an easy breeze. 

Instance 3:
After another usual society meeting, 6 families of the building decided to go out for dinner together. One of the best ways to know someone is to eat together. It was then when Eira found quite a few similarities with Ruhi. Be it in terms of their inclination towards art and painting, or being strong-headed, no-bakwas independent women. 

Instance 4:
One day when Eira and Amyra were on their third round of evening walk, their discussion on simple and complex carbs was interrupted by a familiar but unexpected voice. It was Ruhi, asking if she too could join the other two. She told them her desire of shedding a few extra pounds off her body and how badly she wanted to fit in her old dress. Eira and Amyra gazed at her from top to bottom, 2 Ruhis could fit into each of their dresses. No lady is ever content with her body, either the tummy is bothering or thick thighs. Nevertheless, they welcomed her wholeheartedly and this added a new chapter in all of their lives.

Multiple such random meetings laid the path to their long and lasting friendship. We often tend to ignore small sparkles around us in search of a bright lamp. We get so busy with our day to day lives that we never pay enough attention to the silly talks on the go. Such small meetings and instances can change the complete course of one’s life. There are a plethora of references where cold and dormant Linkedin connections proved way better to land a dream job. Keep a note of everything happening around. Never decline anyone’s presence. 

You never know when a small interaction with a stranger might bring a smile to your face. Comment down to tell us what made you happy today. Write to us about the one, who loves you with all your imperfections.

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