Balcony and the Book

Happiness is one of the strongest word in my set of vocabulary. One of the most sought after emotion for sure. I wont describe myself as a happy person but surely wanna be one. Anyway, it is a lovely weekend morning, and as always I could not manage to sleep no matter how much I try, so I get up and stand in my balcony… looking at the huge buildings and highway, munching some unhealthy snacks and thinking of what good can I do today to make my boring day a little productive. Right then, I get a call to explain my address because a gentleman has to deliver me an order. I confirmed the address but I am also sure about not ordering anything (a forever broke person cannot order and forget :D). Now the productivity agenda is vanished like a fart in the wind and all I am thinking about is the order and who must have sent it to me, maybe my sister but this is no occasion. I wait and wait and wait and finally after almost three hours, I get a notification on society’s security app to approve entry to a delivery agent. It takes me no second to approve and I am literally on my door to receive it.

Tadaa tadaaa…. it is from a friend I haven’t actually met in last three long years neither do I speak regularly. Attached is a cute note and it is exactly the book I would have picked, “How to IKIGAI”. To receive a gift of lessons and thoughts certainly made me super happy 🙂

Sent by : Sanjana

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