How did Amyra meet her BFF !!!

Amyra’s tiny world comprised solely of her Partner. Cook his favorite food, shop for him, travel with him, watch movies with him, manage his macros and everything you can think of what your mother actually did for you when you were a kid. In order to be able to provide him with the best always, she topped her CS exams and now she is one of the very sought after Company Secretaries with solid finance experience. Her idea of ME TIME consists of binge-watching FRIENDS and animated movies. Sit over a stack of chairs and swing legs wildly is her way of having fun. She is still a child by heart but a reclusive one. 

She is unaware of the eternal bliss one gains, when 8 of your friends take you to the hospital for a small sprain or when they plan a surprise birthday party which you are asked to pay for the next day. She invariably understated herself as a salwarclad behenji, inferior to the world outside. I would describe her as a cheerful bubbly soul, not even remotely open to change, trapped under an oversized fair body. 

If you knock on the right door at the right time; the right person would greet you with a smile. Exactly when she needed it, Amyra met Eira. She felt an instant connection with Eira at their first meeting. Probably because Eira had confidently embraced her body, even if it was beyond the periphery of so-called society’s norms. Amyra felt as if she could shed her inhibitions and could be herself around Eira. However, in spite of all the positives, she could not find the courage to initiate the conversation. This connect was felt even stronger when Amyra saw Eira enjoying only Dal and Sabji in another such social gathering. Eira did not shy away from her weight nor did she boast about her diet plan. She embraced herself and was constantly working towards the path of betterment.

One evening, the phone buzzed and Amyra saw an open invitation for a basketball match on the building’s Whatsapp group. Apprehensive Amyra reached the basketball court to fulfill her dormant desire of playing a sport. Eira was already there. She helped Amyra with dribbling and ball handling. Amyra’s happiness knew no bounds on her first basket. The sport session and casual conversations made her think of Eira as one of her own and it was then when she finally texted Eira to share some of her expertise to start her journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Eira was surprisingly glad when Amyra pinged her seeking some guidance. Free advice is often overpriced and people often mocked Eira for unsolicited advice which was otherwise doled out selflessly. Amyra accompanied Eira to her nutritionist. On the doc’s suggestion, both of these ladies started with evening walk which also gave them a chance to talk about their experiences, inhibitions, and dislikes (Yeah, talking about Likes and favorites are too mainstream). 

Women are actually from Mars. They tend to notice the negatives before the positives. They generally bond over shopping and shades of lipstick. It was refreshing and unexpected to see these two ladies brewing over fitness, nutrition, and sports. One should always look up to new things. It could be new friends, new challenges, new goals and that is how you start taking baby steps towards your ultimate goal. It would be hard to differentiate a man from a machine if life was the same every single day. Even when things go wrong in the process, it makes us rich with experiences. 

Comment down below to tell us how did you meet your BFF. Share your story of friendship with us. 

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